Why us?

  • relatively low prices of our services.
  • assembled PCBs undergo visual inspection (AOI); corrections made by hand are free of charge
  • we provide all components indispensable for PCB assembly, although, on request we assemble PCBs of customer-supplied components
  • when you take advantage of our components you are charged the lowest prices for sub-assemblies included in our offer; e.g. assembling 100 PCBs you will get components at prices as if you bought them in full reels;
  • you can order your PCB assembly from A to Z; you don’t have to bother about their etching, storing of semi-finished products, material supplies. You can concentrate on promotion and implementation of your products.
  • we accept orders for short, also prototype, series;
  • we guarantee short order execution times, high flexibility and high quality of assembled PCBs;
  • thanks to our system of discounts,  you can decide yourself how much you want to pay.

Assembly quality:

We have implemented our own system of quality inspection. Thanks to this system we can prevent errors which are likely to happen at any stage of the assembling process: element completion, writing a program for the automatic assembly machine, providing machines with components or PCB assembling. We are able to determine precisely who assembled a given PCB series and who inspected it. Following the placement process and baking in the SMT oven, PCBs undergo additional visual inspection (AOI) which checks the soldering quality. For companies which hold ISO certificates we issue “Quality Inspection Protocols”.

PCBs assembled on a semi-automatic machine are additionally inspected on a computer station.

Translated by Danuta Goc³awska