Widok na halę montażowš

About us

We have been involved in contract manufacturing of electronic modules.
We specialize in services consisting in assembly of SMD components on printed circuit boards (PCB).
We perform wave soldering of assembled circuits.
At customer’s request we also perform: supplementing through-hole technology assembly, function tests, cutting panels into single boards using a special machine and washing in an ultrasonic washer.
For soldering we use materials manufactured by world-known producers: Alphametals, Cobar, Balver Zinn.
At our plant assembled boards and components are protected against static electricity (ESD) in compliance with the PN-EN 61340 5-1 and 5-2 standards.
Sub-assemblies completed by us are used for medical and measurement equipment, car alarms and common electronic devices.
Since February 2005 we have been using lead-free soldering (almost a year before the official date of implementing this technique).
Seventy-five (75)% of our staff are certified IPC specialists (IPC-A-610D - worldwide standard for electronic assembly rules).

From the company’s history

We have been operating on the market since July 1998. Initially we acted as a partner of the already existing blaBerk company (est. 1991) which focused on the wholesale of electronic sub-assemblies.
Establishing a company specializing in SMT assembly was a result of the growing domestic market demand for SMD component supplies and their automatic assembly (SMT).
Until 2003 both companies had been working side by side.

As the through-hole sub-assembly sales were completely dominated by SMT assembly and sales of SMD sub-assemblies, in 2004 blaBerk was closed down and currently we operate exclusively as Blaberk SMT.

Translated by Danuta Gocławska